About Us

Since 2007

Our Company History

Atlantic Capital Advisors Management (“ACA Management”) is a capital manager specializing in residential mortgage and other real estate related investments.  The management team at Atlantic Capital Advisors founded a privately held REIT in 1998, which remained its sole management duty until 2007 when they formed Hatteras Financial, which they took public in 2008 (NYSE: HTS).  Atlantic Capital Advisors managed both REITs until the sale of Hatteras in 2016 and continue to manage the original privately held REIT.

We believe the model we execute appeals to the investor in search of investment stability and income.  We attempt to provide a diversification tool for asset allocation strategies which generates a higher risk-adjusted rate of return than traditional fixed-income alternatives.

Our long history has allowed us to build strong relationships with non-bank mortgage originators, major commercial banks, leading investment banks, law firms and other asset managers.

Benefits Of ACA Management

Management has extensive experience in Capital Markets, Fixed Income Sales and Trading, Asset/Liability Management and Mortgage Banking. Our experience also comprises multiple housing cycles and interest rate environments.

Investors benefit from our experience managing a public company. Procedures and controls reflect the policies of a public company along with having an independent board of directors, preference to use nationally recognized accounting firms as auditors, and use of major commercial banks for functions such as securities custodian.

Core Values

Commitment to Clients

Commitment to clients is THE focus.  Manage risk for others as you manage for yourself


Integrity and honesty are the foundation of our business. We expect the highest ethical standards in our work and personal lives.


Strong partnerships are the driving force behind success – We seek out and emphasize  long-term relationships with solid and dedicated partners and counterparties

Social Responsibility

Feel tremendous responsibility to the communities in which we live and work.  Click here to see the charities and foundations that Management and employees are active with.

Mortgage Product Experience

  • Agency MBS

    Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    15Year Fixed (TBA/Pools)

  • Residential Whole Loans

  • Mortgage REIT
    Common and Preferred Equities

  • Mortgage Servicing Rights

  • GSE Credit Risk Transfer
    Securities (STACR/CAS)

  • Reverse Mortgages
    (Loans, Non-agency, GNMA HMBS)

  • Non-agency (Legacy and 2.0)